Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Facelift,  Mini-facelift,  Browlift,  Mid-facelift / Temporoplasty

    Facial Rejuvenation is a common interest of many of our patients.  As we age, some loss of fat and  skin sagging occurs in our upper and mid-face areas.  Our lower face and neck develop muscle stretching and sagging along the jaw-line and a separation of the neck muscles in the central neck.  These changes to the upper, middle and lower face combine to produce a tired, less awake appearance. These changes occur slowly, and at different times in each of us.  It is important for each patient to focus on what troubles them the most about their appearance and discuss that specifically with Dr. Gatti.  

    There are many procedures, both minor and major, deveopled and refined by Plastic Surgeons over the past 35 years to address and help these changes that occur with normal aging. Fillers can help the areas that have lost fat under the skin in the creases around the mouth and in the cheek areas.  Surgical procedures are available that aim to restore tightness to the lax muscles and sagging skin.

    A "full' facelift will address the changes in the neck, upper, middle and lower face.  A "mini-facelift" helps the neck, lower face and to a lesser extent, the mid-face.  A full facelift requires surgery in an outpatient, hospital operating room under intravenous or general anesthesia.  A mini-facelift can often be performed in our office procedure room with mild oral sedation (pills only) for relaxation and local anesthesia.  Our older patients and those patients with mild medical problems are advised to have their surgery in the Surgical Center or a hospital outpatient center.   

     Each patient has their specific concerns about their facial appearance.  Options, both surgical and non-surgical, will be offered during the office consultation to address those areas of concern.  

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