A male chest with excess breast tissue

Male Breast Reduction

Many men feel self-conscious about overly large breast tissue. Unfortunately, exercise alone is often not enough to flatten your chest.

A male breast reduction removes excess breast tissue to sculpt and trim your chest, renewing your self-confidence.

How can gynecomastia surgery help you or a loved one?

A male chest with excess breast tissue

Improve Your Image On the Inside and Out

Immediately Visible Results

Although it will take up to three to six months to fully recover from surgery, a flatter chest will be noticeable immediately.

Better Posture

If a large chest is causing you to hunch, corrective surgery allows you to stand up straight and improve your core strength.

Boost your body image and self-confidence

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that boys suffering from gynecomastia also struggled with mental health, self-esteem, and social functions. Although surgery is not a cure for these problems, it can remove a major barrier. 

Struggling with Gynecomastia and Never Told Anyone?

*According to Catharine Paddock PhD  speaking with Medical News Today

Considering Gynecomastia Surgery after Massive Weight Loss?

Massive weight loss can leave your chest looking deflated. The skin in the area is used to being held taut and likely does not have enough internal elasticity to return to its proper position.

A male breast lift after massive weight loss can address loose and sagging skin to achieve a more masculine chest and allow you to enjoy the results of your hard work.

It is important to note that gynecomastia surgery for weight loss patients may involve larger incisions than a typical reduction. Make sure to discuss scarring and other issues with your surgeon to ensure you are prepared for the results.

How Much Does It Cost to Achieve the Shape and Contours You Want?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of gynecomastia surgery is $3,641. As male breast reduction is often performed for cosmetic reasons, it is typically not covered by insurance. However, many doctors offer flexible financing options or work with third-party lenders so you can access the benefits of gynecomastia correction.

Surgery Takes Place in Five Steps

First, you are placed under general anesthesia so you can sleep comfortably during the procedure.

Then, your surgeon creates an incision across your chest. The size and location depends on the amount of tissue to be removed.


He or she then removes excess glandular tissue and trims excess skin. 

If necessary, he or she can also reposition the nipple for a more masculine projection. 

Your incisions are then sutured back together and you can begin healing. 

Talk to Your Doctor About Options

Patients who prefer nonsurgical therapy can take medication such as hormone replacement to manage their gynecomastia. Although this is effective, a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that surgical treatment is currently the gold standard for gynecomastia treatment. 

Like traditional breast reductions, gynecomastia surgery can lay the groundwork for a deeper level of satisfaction with your body and improved self-confidence. The recovery is relatively quick compared to other treatment options so that you can enjoy your results as soon as possible. To discuss your concerns with your doctor and learn whether male breast reduction surgery is right for you, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon today. 

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